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Ujam Fitness founder Susy Marks starts “Workin” with World of Dance Records

Our goal as World of Dance Records is to develop select dancers into becoming world class music artists.  World of Dance Records has recently launched music artist Josh Killacky, and is pulling all levers within our eco-system to help bring awareness to his debut single, “Workin.” 

Susy Marks is no stranger in developing dance fitness routines from today’s hottest music.  The World of Dance Ujam Fitness formula begins by observing world class dance choreography as inspiration in creating easy to follow dance fitness routines.  These routines are then passed along to a network of over 1000 fitness instructors, reaching over 100,000 fitness students around the world.  

Pairing Susy and Josh together unite two different communities, but stays true to each communities goals.  World class dance inspiration, mindful fitness based choreography, and amazing music that keeps your body moving.  

Check out this collaboration.

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