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Dora Lewis

Dance Visual Alert – Aiyana Lee’s hot new release “Gangster of Love”


You may not have heard of the 20 year old recording artist named  Aiyana-Lee.  However, label marketing executive Lynn Scott from HITCO Entertainment, has approached World of Dance to make sure their superstar talent, does not go unnoticed.

“When I first heard the song, Gangster of Love played at a private listening party by legendary producer LA Reid, I was completely impressed with Aiyana’s vocal delivery” – said David Gonzalez, president of World of Dance.

“Aiyana Lee captures the vocal capability and songwriting at the same caliber as Adele, with the emotion and slight attitude of Mary J Blige” – said Jr Regisford, head of music for World of Dance.

Our team focused on marrying Aiyana’s vocal capabilities and brand essence with a similar standard in quality of dance and movement.  It may not have been an obvious choice to select extraordinary freestyle and krump dancers  @jajavankova and @slimboogie777 to lead this project, but their connection to the music was undeniably present in their interpretation.

The connection between the artists message, and delivery through urban dance is so deliberate, it’s a match you just might have to see for yourself.

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BTS Gangster of Love 
Jaja and Slimboogie walk us through the making of the official dance visual for Aiyana-Lee .

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