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Dance Visual online competition helps launch career for emerging artist Asha


World of Dance DV (dance visual) competition is the perfect platform to help merge music and dance industries together.  This time the online global competition featured a mid-tempo track by artist ASHA called “Serial F Boy.”   Over 20 countries participated, with 150+ global submissions, generating nearly 1 million views.

The online competition is judged in the same fashion as A WOD live event, olympic style with a jury of 5 judges.  What makes WOD DV stand apart from other dance competitions is that submissions are judged on two criteria, Dance and Video Production.

“Unlike our live events, participating in WOD DV does not mean that the best dancer will take the prize… ” says World of Dance president and founder David Gonzalez.  This competition is designed to acknowledge the best video submissions taking into account 50 points associated with dance criteria and 50 points associated to video production criteria.

WOD DV was created to help merge the music and dance industries together.  The competition offers dancers an opportunity to fine tune their online presentation, but in a fun and competitive way.  It’s not just about winning.  Every submission is provided valuable judges feedback on how to improve their online presentation.   Aside $3000.00 in cash prizes distributed amongst winners in Solo, Duo and Crew Divisions,  there are specialty awards including Best Cinematography, Best Music Remix, Best Costume & Attire, Best Choreography, Best Concept, and Best Edit & Effects.  More importantly, winning videos are promoted across the World of Dance social networks consisting of over 20 million following, giving dancers additional exposure as they continue to develop their craft.

For more information about World of Dance DV Competitions please check out

Follow the Artist: @ashamclnmusic 

Check out some of the #WODASHA dance visual contest winners below:

First Place Solo

[embedded content]

First Place Duo

[embedded content]

First Place Crew

[embedded content]

And if you want to see all other awards presented, check out the WOD DV live stream.  (Air date:  December 9th, 2021)

[embedded content]