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Dora Lewis

Unique Choreography Inspired by The Weeknd’s Music


On February 26th, we will be celebrating the birthday of one of the most popular singers today- The Weeknd! This 5-Time Grammy Award winner has been in the music scene since 2012 and has about 138 total awards to his name. He even has hundreds of nominations to add! The Weeknd is known for experimenting with different genres of music. He is no stranger to pop, jazz, and even 80’s dance grooves. It’s also no surprise than there are a ton of dance videos using his tunes. Here are some examples of unique choreography created with The Weeknd’s music.

Roberto Formentini- “Blinding Lights” Vintage Dance Choreography

Formentini is an Italian dance choreographer who creates pieces with today’s most popular music. This work combines excellent cinematography and dancing with an interesting storyline. It’s clear to see his film centers around the 1920’s-1950’s. Who knew flapper dance moves and The Weeknd would be such a great combo?

[embedded content]

Sherly Murakami- “Earned It” Choreography

Murakami’s vision for the “Earned It” single deserves an award for production quality! The use of lighting makes the dance dramatic and draws viewers in, anticipating what will happen next. The all-female cast move in sync together as one unit. The choreography itself is sultry yet graceful and performed with confidence. Bravo to Murakami and the dancers for an amazing performance!

[embedded content]

Adnan Sahuric- “Take My Breath” Choreography

Sahuric’s “Take My Breath” dance video will have you grooving along with this talented cast! The minimalist take on production and costume keeps the focus on the dancing itself. The skylight window is the sole source of lighting, filling the room with a bright and warm glow. The mood for this video is also more casual- these dancers look like a group of friends having fun dancing together!

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