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Dora Lewis
NBC World of Dance Season 4 collaboration between Oxygen & Sia

Oxygen first appearance on a World of Dance stage in 2015 at both Netherlands and Germany Championship Series Qualifier Events.  Their unique style of performance has always earned them top placements, however it was not until 2019 in the Netherlands when they were awarded top...

Personal Playlist: Poppin John

  Poppin John is a legend, making waves in the dance world long before he killed it on season 3 of NBC’s World of Dance. WOD Magazine recently caught up with him to ask him what he’s currently listening to and what band always puts a smile...

Personal Playlist: NBC World of Dance’s House of Tap

House of Tap blew us all away last season with their infusion of styles and impeccably clean routines. WOD Magazine sat down with the Southern California duo to talk about what they’ve been listening to recently and what songs make them instantly happy. Be sure...