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Dora Lewis

NBC World of Dance Season 4 collaboration between Oxygen & Sia

Oxygen first appearance on a World of Dance stage in 2015 at both Netherlands and Germany Championship Series Qualifier Events.  Their unique style of performance has always earned them top placements, however it was not until 2019 in the Netherlands when they were awarded top placement and advanced to the World Championship where they ultimately were awarded 3rd place. 

Shortly after placing in the World Championships, they were invited to participate in NBC World of Dance Season 4.  Without doubt, Oxygen quickly gained the status of becoming a fan favorite.  Their unique style was both intricate and pleasing to the eye… and in Jennifer Lopez’s own words, “It’s so Satisfying.”

As a participant in one of the world most prestigious competition platforms, what’s next for this talented group of creatives? 

It just so happens that dancer and dance crews being used to influence music continues to be an upward trend within the music industry.  Many dancers are being contracted to create music dance videos, giving the music artist a new take on an audio and visual, outside that of the artists official music video. 

Check out Jennifer Romen’s choreography, featuring Oxygen in their interpretation of Sia’s hit track “Together.”  



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