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Dora Lewis

Artist Nhox and Sylaar stretch boundaries with the release of “Astro Boy.”


French music artists, Nhox and Sylaar are not strangers to World of  Dance.  As members of “The Rookies” dance crew, they appeared on the World of Dance stage 8 years ago introducing their unique blend of urban dance & style.  Since their debut, they created the episodic series, “The Rookies World”.  a first of its kind, hybrid french and english youtube series, about a day in the life of this artistic dance ensemble.

“It was clear from the beginning this group was out of the ordinary,” says David Gonzalez, President World of Dance.

“They were one of the first dance crews to experience creating cinematic videos, featuring original music.”

An example of  their music and dance ingenuity can be seen in, “Back to This.”

Nhox and Sylaar were recently featured on NBC World of Dance, as The Rookies.  While still active members of their dance crew, both Nhox and Sylaar have now ventured into musical artistry.  As musicians, and after success from their debut single, “Cha, Cha, Cha” The duo was signed to World of Dance Records as their official distributer of the sophomore single release, “Astro Boy.”


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“Astro Boy” is already showing promise as views and streams continue to build global momentum.  So much so, that we are seeing an influx of influencers use Nhox and Sylaar’s sound across platforms like TikTok.

@enola.bedardHad to freestyle on this dope song. Bringing back the French roots in me! @Sylaar Rookies @Nhox Cette 🔥 chanson ramène les racines françaises en moi!

♬ Astro Boy – Nhox

Sky is the limit, for this dynamic duo as their music careers continue to take shape.  Be sure to follow their progress, as I am sure that this will not be the last time you hear their names.