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Dora Lewis

Josh Killacky Releases New Single “Talk Body (feat BluPrint)”


Josh Killacky released a new pop rap single called “Talk Body (feat BluPrint).” It’ll be featured on his debut EP, Overdue, that comes out October 30. Listen now on Spotify: TALK BODY

“Talk Body (feat BluPrint)” has a party vibe similar to Josh’s first single, “Workin (feat Kangfrvr)” which will also be featured on Overdue.

“I love to make people move and this is a high energy club song that focuses on actually telling your body to talk and express itself by dancing,” says Josh. “I really wanted to force people to bob their heads and get up and dance.”

Speaking of dancing, Josh is a choreographer and globally recognized dancer. He has performed on some of the biggest TV shows such as The Ellen Show and most recently NBC’s World of Dance Season 4.

Recently he started his journey as a music artist and is signed to the newly launched World of Dance Records.
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t dance anymore. His passion for both music and dance come to life in his videos. You can expect some sick moves in his upcoming music video for “Talk Body (feat BluPrint).”

Be sure to stay up to date on Josh and his EP, Overdue, by following him on social media. You won’t want to sleep on him.