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Dora Lewis


Don’t miss Josh Killacky’s “Overdue” Virtual Super Show which is set to start streaming on April 29th at 6 PM PST on Josh’s Youtube! Set your reminder, Josh wants you to accompany him on his adventure through LA with his friends.

Josh’s EP “Overdue” was released in October 2020, but now he will showcase his combined passion for both dance and music. Listen to “Overdue” now on Spotify: Click to Listen

More than a music video, this is a half-hour show packed with music, dance, and visuals. This super show was directed by David Moore and features artists such as Matt Steffanina, BluPrint, and more! Not only will it feature all of your favorite tracks by Josh, but also special performances by guest artists. You will find yourself wanting to sing and dance along with this World of Dance Records star.

Although Josh kickstarted his career focusing on dance, he is sure to stun the crowd in the music industry too. Don’t worry, Josh is not abandoning his dance roots! In fact, expect to see Josh continue to create art that involves hype music and dance.

Be sure to follow Josh on all of his social media accounts for updates on the visual EP!