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Dora Lewis
World of Dance DV (Global Dance Visual Competition)

On the heels of a global pandemic that has rendered events and dance competitions inoperable, World of Dance continues to innovate competition during these trying times with its newly established music division. World of Dance Records launched the first of its kind dance and visual production...

World of Dance Records x Empire Announcement

FULLERTON, CA, July 7, 2020 World of Dance Tour Inc, is pleased to announce the formation of its record label, World of Dance Records (WOD Records).  We have entered into a global partnership with Empire Records, who will manage all publishing administration.  Founding members David...


Josh & Erica NBC Season 4 NBC World of Dance Season 4 is back and in full swing with new surprises, format changes, and top competitors from all around the world. One of the newest duets to hit the stage is Josh Killacky (24)  & Erica...