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Nick Nayersina joins forces with BDash and Slavik to bring music video “Rollies” to life.


Nick Nayersina was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, he was inspired by songwriting and movie production. When he wasn’t in school or playing sports, he spent most of his time writing love songs with his piano or filming movies with his friends on his VHS film camera. He was very inspired to move to Los Angeles at a young age because of his interest in music and storytelling. Growing up, Nick loved the TV series Entourage, where he always had a vision in his head of moving to LA with his best friends to pursue the entertainment industry to make music and fun videos together. He is now in his mid-twenties and finally finding his place amongst other talented creators and artists in which he is pursuing his dreams of music and storytelling.

His newest single release, Rollies (produced by blu jay), was something different than his usual style of song making. “When I first moved to LA I worked closely with a very talented dancer, Josh Killacky (we met years ago at a party in Chicago where we both came from). He knew I wanted to move to LA to pursue music so he gave me an opportunity to come out and start working with him at first while finding my way. He introduced me to everyone from dancers to actors to musicians, showing me the ropes as he later became my best friend and roommate. He helped me get my music started and inspired a lot of my modern dance pop taste. I think because of his energy and style, the music he chose to dance to, inspired me to make something that measured to that vibe of within my own music video production.

For this specific project I wanted to mix a traditional storytelling rap video concept with some sort of hip-hop dance performance aspect as well. I came together with two very talented director videographers I work closely with (Sean Haney, Matt Ellis) and we wrote, casted, filmed, invested, and directed the Rollies music video ourselves. Through working with Josh, I met a very talented videographer/director who works in the dance industry, Isaiah Shinn. Isaiah and I had lunch about a year ago and he told me about these two new dancers he was going to start working with and help build their careers through branding and filming their video content. I followed along and this ended up being James Derrick (Bdash) and Slavik (itsslavik), two of LA’s most talented modern pop dancers. I had to do whatever I could to work with these guys. They are incredibly talented and, fortunately enough, we were able to book them for my shoot co-starring internet personality Ashley Nocera.

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