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Dora Lewis
Josh Killacky Video

Josh Killacky’s “Workin” dance sequence by David Moore.


Immediately after showcasing his world class dancing on NBC World of Dance Season 4, Josh Killacky has officially stepped up his game evolving from a dancer to music artist.

While his journey has just begun, it’s important to never forget where you come from, and who got you there!

For those that may not know, David Moore has been the backbone to many of Josh’s creative endeavors.   As Josh was planning to shoot his music video in his hometown of Chicago, it was imperative to both World of Dance and Josh, that a dance sequence was overseen properly by creative director David Moore.  We were thankful for Moore’s expertise behind the lens, which ensured that the details of a dance performance are not missed, and that the edits, don’t take away from the performance.

A dance video is an art form in itself.  Check out David Moore’s work in his interpretation of the official “dance” video to Josh Killacky’s debut single, “Workin.”