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Dora Lewis

The director behind Josh Killacky’s “Workin” Music Video


Launching a single goes much deeper than the music in itself.  While there are a number of people that we’re involved in creating the music, there are also a number of people involved in the artistry that helps bring the music to the forefront.  Friday, August 14th, 2020 is monumental for World of Dance Records, whereas it marks the official “Workin” music video release.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge a few key players that helped bring the vision to life starting with First 3 Agency from Brooklyn New York, who helped find the perfect music video director suited for our project.


In engaging First 3 Agency, we specifically wanted a director homegrown from Chicago where the video was to be shot.  We felt that Chicago needed to be the backdrop to debut Josh’s music career since it plays hometown to Josh Killacky, his family, and feature artist, Kang Frvr of the Future Kings.  There was no hesitation on First 3 Agencies recommendation of director, Mark Walters.  Even overcoming the struggles associated with the pandemic, Mark was able to find safe and historic locations to help tell the authentic story of Josh Killacky’s as a Chicago native.

“Working with Josh was a real pleasure.  Not only is he an artist and dancer but he loves being involved in the process of making visuals. I love when artists voice their opinion.   It makes it way more fun to create that way. The whole longboarding with his family behind him on bikes was all his idea! And once we got his entire family involved the energy was near perfect.” – say’s Mark Walters.

In the end, we were very pleased with the direction of Mark Walters, and the First 3 Agency’s work.  Below are a few BTS photo’s during the shoot, and of course a link to the official music video below!

[embedded content]