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Dora Lewis

World of Dance Records expands reach through AvakinLife Virtual World.

The World of Dance Records themed nightclub & listening party is the latest in a series of exclusive collaborations between Avakin Life and World of Dance in recent months.  So far, Avakins have updated their looks with one-of-a-kind fashions, merchandise and dance routines inspired by World of Dance and its most exciting performers, and jumped into interactive challenges that mirror the TV show’s drama-packed seasons.  As a new extension to our ever growing eco-system, The World of Dance Records listening party will provide another new and exciting direction for Avakin’s 200 million registered users.

Commenting on the evolving relationship between World of Dance and Avakin Life, Halli Bjornsson, CEO of Lockwood Publishing, said: “Since our first event together in June, we continue to combine the very best of World of Dance and Avakin Life to create truly memorable moments. The World of Dance Records listening room offers a fully immersive, interactive way for Avakins to connect not only with each other, but with music from household artists – some of the biggest ever to feature in our universe. This is a landmark event for everyone at Avakin. We can’t wait to create more collaborations, collections and memories with World of Dance in the coming months and take this partnership to new heights.”

The first listening room will feature World of Dance Records freshman artists Josh Killacky, and industry veteran T-Pain.  David Gonzalez, President – World of Dance, added: “Avakin Life mirroring the World of Dance brand and our newest World of Dance Records music initiative, has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for both companies to thrive. Our excitement continues as we launch this event, and continue planning a fully integrated future throughout 2021.”

Avakin “in app” experiences are often replicated as content in the real world.  Over 500,000 in app streams, converted to over 100,000 real world streams, showcasing the programs unique reach as an extension of the World of Dance eco-system.

Check out the instagram @remux_ava showcasing Avakins, in the real world.